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Over a Decade of Experience

Our founder got his start at the Coast Guard Academy with a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. He followed that up conducting design review and quality assurance for the construction of new cutters, then spent time at sea working as an engineer and on deck. Transitioning to life on shore, he worked a port state control and marine inspector and investigator before leaving the Coast Guard to start Sparrow Marine.

Our team has years of experience in every aspect of shipping: from working at sea to conducting government regulatory inspection. They have performed internal and external vessel audits, environmental compliance program audits, port state control preparation, and marine casualty investigations and investigation support. Our experienced personnel have also spent time working directly with and for major flag states and have held positions on influential governmental and non-governmental industry committees

Always Striving For More
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Our mission is to improve the safety of the marine environment, reduce the regulatory burden, and reduce the cost of compliance. We accomplish this by helping our clients understand the regulations both currently in place and those that will soon be implemented. We assist in the development and refinement of Safety Management Systems, Operations Manuals, and Response Plans, finding ways to streamline processes, reduce paperwork, automate, and finally, reduce costs.

To accomplish our mission requires easy access to regulatory information that is both easy to understand and easy to comply with. Using technology, we can help find ways to automate, reduce repetitive tasks, and reduce paperwork. All of this reduces the cost associated with compliance. We've seen both the government and industrial sides of regulation development and compliance, and we believe that if both sides work together, we can ensure safety, progress, and profit.


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