Port State MoUs set 2018 Concentrated Inspection Campaigns

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Each year, the major Port State Control MoUs conduct a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) focusing on newly in-force or upcoming changes to international regulations.

These CIC’s are generally announced in the summer and often take place in the summer and fall. These campaigns are conducted in conjunction with the normal inspection process, and while they do not result in extra inspections or inspections outside of a vessel’s normal inspection window, they do result in longer and more detailed inspections when a vessel’s window is open or their anniversary comes due.

Checklists are often published ahead of time, along with the announcement of the area of focus for each MoU.

Here are this year’s PSC MoU CICs:

MoU Regulatory Focus Dates
Paris MoU MARPOL Annex VI September to November 2018
Tokyo MoU MARPOL Annex VI September to November 2018
Black Sea MoU MARPOL Annex VI September to November 2018
Indian Ocean MoU MARPOL Annex VI September to November 2018
Vina del Mar SOLAS Ch. II-1 June to August 2018
USCG Open Lifeboats May 2018 - May 2019
The MARPOL Annex VI CICs will focus on vessel education in preparation for the upcoming changes to emission standards. All major MoUs have stated there will no grace period for compliance, and they will begin strict enforcement of the regulations on day 1 of their entry into force, 01JAN2020.

Details for the Tokyo and Paris MoU CIC can be found here:

Paris/Tokyo MoU CIC Details Paris/Tokyo MoU CIC Checklist

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